Friday, June 23, 2006

Prince Diaper is Happy as a Clam

Lucas is doing great. I am a little late to post about this but I got an email a few days ago. Tedra said Lucas was a riot when he was let out of his cage! He was running and jumping and climbing everywhere. He is also not being a bully, yay! I guess he went through the "pecking order" pretty quickly. They are also trying to wash his backside frequently. I am a bit confused about whether he is inside or outside and I wll let you know when I find out! Either way, he is doing great and I appreciate all the people at Joey's Feline Friends so much and I know Lucas does too!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
"Lucas Last Day on Molokai"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

No Update

Sorry, no update! I am going to email to check on Lucas since he must be out of the cage by now. I've been so busy finishing up the school year and packing. I am leaving for good on Thursday! I have not even had time to mail Lucas' presents and B12! Whoopsie! I better do that in the morning. But check back in a bit to find out how Lucas' integration is going.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Samson is now Lucas!

Since Lucas is in a secure area, I decided to take his beastie band back home with me. Since I am moving, I want everyone to be collared and tagged just in case they get out of their carriers. When I got back home, I saw that Samson lost his new collar and tag! So he is now Lucas and has serious medical needs.=) It'll do for now, as long as my phone number is there!

Here is a picture of my current cats. Four are mine...Samson and Bella are fosters.
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If I kept all the animals that came to me for help, I'd be moving two dogs and 12 cats!

Lucas: One Week Later...

I just got an email about Lucas. He is doing well and will probably be let out of the conditioning cage this coming week! Yah! I hope he's nice to the other kitties...