Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lucas is at rest

I am sorry to have to tell you this sad news, but Lucas was put to sleep after his quality of life deteriorated greatly due to FIP. It all happened within a few days and Tedra did everything she could. She ordered extensive tests at the vet to make sure he couldn't be brought back to a healthy state. None of us believe in letting a cat suffer to the end, and she held him while the vet let him go. It was shocking as he was gone before I knew he was sick, it happened so fast. (I have been in Nashville for a week.)

It makes me happy to know that he was able to run, play, climb, and get lots of TLC for a few extra months. He was so pitiful when I first found him but he led a good life for at least a little while. I am so thankful to Tedra and all the volunteers at Joey's Feline Friends for loving Lucas during the last few months, I know they are upset as well.

I have to admit I have cried several times but I am also so thankful for what Lucas taught me about enjoying life fully. He challenged me to do more than I thought I could, and other cats will benefit from the lessons he taught me. Thank you for sharing Lucas with me, I know he was loved by many.

(Pictures are being emailed to me in a few days and that will be the last entry in this blog)