Saturday, July 15, 2006

Urine burn is gone

The urine burn is gone but now Lucas has diarrhea! I know just how that goes. Before I realized he had no control over his bowels, I woke up one morning to diarrhea all over my bathroom. It was terrible. I hope that clears up soon, must be from stress or something. Tedra says hopefully he'll be running in the field again soon. She also said this:

"I take the lactated ringer bags (fluids) and just release the valve and let the sterile water just shoot all over Lucas's butt and he seems to like that."

Seems like a good system! I really hope and pray that urine scalding isn't a consistent problem.

I sent a money order last week to help with the vet bill. I am going to try and put some books on so I can send more mula.

I really wish I could visit the sweetie!

1 comment:

Kay said...

I do like the sound of how they are keeping him clean and preventing the urine scaulding. Sounds like it will work well for all. And Simple :). Simple is good.
I am sure they are checking him for infection etc and will watch his dirrea issue.
btw.. I would like to send you some money for Lucas, but everytime I tried the paypall link it didn't work. Can you do another one?