Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Prince Diaper

Prince Diaper's real name is Lucas. Lucas used to be a stray kitten. One morning, I walked outside and saw him meowing at my neighbours door. Even though strays keep showing up around my house, I am always surprised. I put my things down and walked closer to be sure it wasn't one of my own that had escaped. It wasn't. I made kissy sounds and he ran right over. He was skittish but once I touched him, he melted and begged for more. I put him in my bathroom with a litterbox, food, and water and left for work. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

When I got home, I realized that things weren't quite right. He was so skinny and he stank so bad, which is somewhat expected of a stray. But I could not figure out whether he was male or female. Something looked very strange and wrong in the genital area. I took a few pictures to get input from other cat lovers. The pictures are not very pleasant so I will create a hyperlink so you can choose whether or not to look at one, right here.

Soon after I realized that his tail was always down, and not raised when he greeted me, which is typical of a cat. I started touching it and moving it around and I realized his tail was paralyzed.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I think it's great how you've cared for this cat. The world would be a better place with more people like you in it.

Jennifer said...

You're amazing to have such a huge heart for all these animals... I try but not always successful (the last cat I adopted was psycho so i found her a home with no young kids and someone who was willing to work with her attitude)... but I have recently adopted a year+ cat and her lil daughter, and they are my new loves in life (besides my son and fiance) they're adorable... and they needed a home... but again, I applaud what you are doing and am amazed at your generosity!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the joy Prince Diaper had when he first found out someone could love him. Must have been lonely to go through that all by himself.